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State-of-the-art technology

At Your Vision Clinic, it’s important to us that our patients to get the best possible results from their procedure, and that’s why the equipment used is state-of-the-art Johnson & Johnson and Carl Zeiss technology.

At Your Vision Clinic, it’s important to us that our patients get the best possible results from their procedure. That’s why it’s carried out using state of the art Johnson & Johnson Vision and Carl Zeiss technology.

Adjusting the eye by hundredths of a millimetre to correct vision sounded impossible just 40 years ago. These days, waking up in the morning with poor vision and going to bed with good vision is a reality for many people thanks to Your Vision Clinic, and it’s the high-quality technical equipment that’s vital in making this happen.


VISX excimer lasers have a great reputation for their safe, accurate and precise results, as well as their performance and dependability. This model takes that to even higher levels. The Star S4 IR emits a cool laser beam that reshapes the cornea to improve your vision.

The STAR S4 IR emits a cool, gentle laser beam which reshapes the cornea to improve your vision.

iFS 150

The IntraLase iFS 150 femtosecond laser’s a state of the art piece of equipment. At the start of the procedure, it creates a protective flap on the cornea, taking laser eye surgery to a whole new level of control.


Most people know that our fingerprints are totally unique, but not many know that your eyes are, too. Each eye has its own special, individual characteristics, including tiny imperfections. And because of that, the best laser eye surgery results come from personalised treatment using iDesign.

This incredibly advanced technology captures over 1,200 micro readings of your eye prescription – that’s 5 times more than with previous technology – to give a very accurate 3-D image of your eye. Your laser eye surgeon uses this to customise your treatment plan. The information iDesign collects is transferred to a computer-guided laser, which smooths out your eyes’ imperfections, and corrects your eyesight.

Thanks to iDesign, more complex and higher prescriptions can be treated than ever before, and both LASEK and LASIK surgeries can be enhanced by it.

Been told in the past that you’re not suitable for laser eye surgery? Then get in touch with us, because now you could be.


All of the lasers used by our laser eye surgery provider have advanced eye tracking technology, which help you enjoy the highest standards of vision after your procedure. A 3-D eye tracker guides the beam of the laser as it moves over your cornea, but there’s no need to worry about your eye moving during treatment, because the tracker also follows its movements. So the laser stays on course, and your surgery isn’t affected.

Treat over 1 Million patients for laser eye surgery

Finance options

You don’t have to pay for the laser eye surgery that’ll open up your world all at once. With our affordable payment plans, you can pay it up over months or years to suit your own circumstances. Check out our range of finance options, and choose the one that’s best for you.

Spreading the payments means you can start planning for great eyesight now, and wave goodbye to glasses and contacts sooner rather than later.

  • Term, in months72
  • Term, in months10
  • Term, in months24
  • Term, in months36
  • Term, in months48
  • Term, in months60
  • Term, in months72
Deposit required $200
A.P.R 11.5%
Amount of credit $990
Total payable inc deposit $1190

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