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We know that laser eye surgery can be a big decision to make, so we’ve put together answers to the top 10 most popular questions we’re asked.

How do I know if I am suitable for laser eye surgery?

Because everyone’s different, the only way to really know if laser eye surgery is right for you is to come along to a free, no obligation consultation. You’ll go through a series of tests to see if laser eye surgery’s an option or not.

Is laser eye surgery safe?

Millions of people across the globe have undergone laser eye surgery, and it’s the most popular elective surgery there is. The vast majority of patients experience no problems at all. Of course, every type of surgery has some degree of risk, but laser eye surgery’s risks are minimal. At your consultation, you’ll watch a video which outlines the benefits and potential risks, so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding your procedure.

Does laser eye surgery hurt?

Before the procedure, anaesthetic drops will be applied to your eye so that you won’t feel anything at all. An eyelid holder will gently be inserted, which keeps your eye open during treatment.

How long does the laser eye surgery procedure take?

The procedure itself is quick – about 10 minutes per eye – though the laser surgery itself is usually less than a minute. You can expect to be in the clinic for around 90 minutes in total.

Are both eyes treated at the same time?

You’ll have surgery on one eye first, followed by the other, during one procedure, so you’ll spend less time during surgery. Your recovery will be quicker, too.

How quickly will I see the results of laser eye surgery?

It varies, but you could notice a difference in your vision straight away. Most people will find there’s a real difference within 24 hours of their procedure.

I have astigmatism: high prescription. Can I still have laser eye surgery?

Yes, you possibly can, because the technology that is used is so advanced that increasing numbers of people can have laser eye surgery. If you’ve been told in the past that you’re not suitable, then things may be different now. Almost 9 out of 10 people are suitable for laser eye surgery, so to find out one way or the other, make an appointment for a consultation.

How long do the results of laser eye surgery last?

The effects of laser eye surgery can last a lifetime, and it’s generally considered to give permanent results. However, as our eyes age, the lens loses its ability to focus close up – due to a condition called presbyopia – and as such you will need reading glasses for near vision.

How quickly can I go back to work after laser eye surgery?

It depends on the type of treatment you’ve had, and how quickly you heal, as every person has different recovery rates. LASIK patients generally return to work within 48 hours of surgery, while it may be around 4 days for LASEK patients.

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