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Let’s face it, glasses and contact lenses can hold you back. Playing sport, or even seeing the alarm clock first thing in the morning, can seem impossible when you have poor vision.

Millions of people across the globe are seeing the benefits of laser eye surgery right at this moment – it’s one of the most common procedures carried out today. If you’re not enjoying life to the max because of your eyesight, then now’s the time to consider it.

Forget any stories you’ve heard about laser eye surgery in the past, and allow us to separate the facts from the fiction.

After surgery at Your Vision Clinic, people with long-sight, short sight and astigmatism enjoy 20/20 vision or better. Goodbye glasses, au revoir contact lens eye infections.

It’s easy to achieve the vision you want. 85% of the people who visit Your Vision Clinic are suitable for laser eye surgery, so there’s a very good chance that you will be, too.

Over 99% of patents achieved 20/20 vision or better

Frequently asked questions

Your first step is to attend an initial free laser eye surgery consultation, so that we can check you’re suitable for treatment. If you are, it’ll also help us to find the most suitable type of laser eye surgery for your needs. And it’s the ideal time to ask any questions you might have, too.

There are 2 kinds of laser eye surgery – and both use a cool beam laser to reshape the surface of the outer ‘window’ of the eye (called the cornea), which corrects focusing issues and helps you to see more clearly.

Thanks to our very advanced technology, the cool beam laser we use at Your Eye Clinic is incredibly precise and accurate – something that’s a must in helping our patients to achieve the best laser eye surgery results possible.

Both types of laser eye surgery can be enhanced by a high-tech procedure called iDesign. This creates a unique ‘map’ of your eye, taking more than 1200 measurements so that your surgery can be completely personalised.

The most common form of laser eye surgery, LASIK, uses two lasers and takes just minutes. The first creates a thin flap on the surface of your eye, which is lifted to reveal the cornea. The second laser sends pulses of cool laser beams to reshape the cornea’s imperfections, then the protective flap is replaced to help the eye heal naturally.

LASEK laser eye surgery is an alternative for people who aren’t suitable for LASIK. A solution is applied to the cornea to gently move the cells of the first layer of the cornea to reveal the lower layer. The cool beam laser is then used to reshape the cornea, smoothing out the imperfections to correct your eyesight. A protective contact lens is placed on the eye to help with healing.

And the good news is, both eyes can be treated in the same surgical appointment with LASIK and LASEK.

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FAQs on Laser, LASIK & LASEK eye surgery

5 Steps to better vision:

Your laser eye surgery journey couldn’t be easier.

Your laser eye surgery journey step 1

Book your free consultation

Your laser eye surgery journey step 2

When you visit, we’ll conduct a range of tests on your eyes

Your laser eye surgery journey step 3

If you’re suitable and want to go ahead, you’ll be given a surgery date

Your laser eye surgery journey step 4

After talking to your surgeon, you’ll attend your appointment and have laser eye surgery

Your laser eye surgery journey step 5

We’ll continue to look after you with aftercare appointments as you enjoy 20/20 vision or better

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