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An introduction to LASEK

People with thin corneas or high prescriptions might not be able to have LASIK laser eye surgery, but all’s not lost. The good news is that there’s alternative procedure which treats short-sight, long-sight and astigmatism.

The procedure’s called LASEK, and it can be enhanced by iDesign technology to provide even better visual results. Adding iDesign to your LASEK laser eye surgery lets your surgeon customise your treatment 25 times more accurately than using a standard prescription, because this revolutionary system captures more than 1,200 tiny imperfections on your eye’s surface and produces a very detailed 3D ‘map’ of your eye too.

Your LASEK procedure starts with numbing drops being applied to your eye. Then a solution is put on its surface, loosening the thin top layer of cells. These cells are gently moved to the side of your eye, to reveal the layer of cornea to be treated by the laser.

The laser surgery itself takes just seconds to reshape your cornea. Then a protective lens is put on your eye, which is removed 3 – 5 days later. You’ll have an aftercare appointment the day after treatment, and a personalised aftercare plan will make sure you recover well.

Most LASEK patients notice their vision improving within 7 days, though the initial recovery process normally takes a couple of weeks.

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Finance options

You don’t have to pay for the laser eye surgery that’ll open up your world all at once. With our affordable payment plans, you can pay it up over months or years to suit your own circumstances. Check out our range of finance options, and choose the one that’s best for you.

Spreading the payments means you can start planning for great eyesight now, and wave goodbye to glasses and contacts sooner rather than later.

  • Term, in months72
  • Term, in months10
  • Term, in months24
  • Term, in months36
  • Term, in months48
  • Term, in months60
  • Term, in months72
Deposit required $200
A.P.R 11.5%
Amount of credit $990
Total payable inc deposit $1190

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